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handcrafted quality. 
made in luxembourg.

More than anything else, we're proud of our Luxembourgian roots. For over 50 years, our family-owned firm has been making extensively handcrafted products to meet customer's specifications and backing them up with superb service. We were first awarded the "MADE IN LUXEMBOURG" label for our high standards of traditional quality more than 20 years ago and are still entitled to use it today - for good reason!


how it all began.

It all began over 50 year ago with Marcel Weber, the founder of OST Fenster in a small joinery in Grevenmacher. In 1985, Romain Hilger - the current director of OST - started work in the company as a manager, at the time with 12 colleagues. Approximately 3 years later, he and his wife puchased the joinery from Marcel Weber and founded OST Fenster S.à r.l..



genuine specialists.
for the perfect finishing touch.

It isn't just the smell of wood that our workshops share with the joineries of yesteryear. It is also the people who work in them, applying enormous manual skill to create new objects from this natural raw material. There aren't any assembly lines at OST. Instead, we have many small work centres, each of which is run by a specialist. Each and every stage of production - whether it is cutting to size, planning, milling, grinding or painting - is executed with extreme meticuloisness and patience, quite literally all the way to the perfect finishing touch.

Tradition meets Innovation

keeping what is good.
integrating the new.

Our commitment to manual production doesn't mean that we completely forego modern technology. State-of-the-art equipment maximises our flexibility for implementing the creatives ideas and special wishes of builder-owners or architects. We have a fleet of high-performance machines to faciliate our work and ensure a consistently high standard of quality. It is this blend of manual skills and innovative technology that makes our products so unique - which everyone can see and feel for many, many years.


look into the future. 
and keep going.

To us, it's not enough to simply deliver good products. That's why we take the decisive step earlier in the process by offering individual consultation services right from the planning phase of your project. Our goal: to fulfil the expectations and requirements of both architects and clients, allowing the ideas and their implementation to become one perfectly harmonious unit. 
Of course, this requires a variety of criteria to be fulfilled. For example, we take care to choose the best possible quality of materials and components , implement energy-related requirements and take sound insulation and protection from break-ins into account.

To put it simply: together with you, we think ahead - right up to the custom-fit installation of your project on-site.