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Why are my windows fogging up from the outside?

Who hasn't experienced it? You wake up in the morning and realise: the windows are steamed up. But not from the inside due to poor insulation, but from the outside.

Although it seems unusual, windows can actually steam up from the outside. However, this is no reason to worry! Quite the opposite: because the tarnishing of windows on the outside is a good sign.

This phenomenon only occurs if you have installed windows with triple glazing and excellent insulation values. Because with highly insulating glass, the moist air condenses on the outside during cold nights. Reason for this is the temperature difference between air and window surface. Espacially in regions with high humidity, where the air warms up faster than the window pane, the glass fogs up. The heat-reflecting layer on the outside reflects the heat radiation from the room back into the room - the heat thus remains in the room. 

Fogged windows from the outside are therefore proof of well-insulated windows and thus a natural, physical effect.

External sun protection prevents the window panes from cooling down

Condensation usually only occurs in the early morning hours and disappears again completely by itself. If you are still annoyed by the fact that your view is clouded in the morning, roller shutters, raffstore shutters and textile screens provide a remedy: these protect the pane from cooling. When you lower your roller shutters, raffstore shutters or textile screens at night, an air cushion forms between the panes and the sun protection. The stored heat prevents the window panes from tarnishing.

You don't have external sun protection? No Problem! We will retrofit roller shutters, raffstore shutters or textil screens: simply enquire here