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Special glass Priva-Lite

Special glass Priva-Lite

The special PRIVA-LITE glass from Glassolutions Saint-Gobin:

1a laminated glass with liquid crystal film (LC film) that can be changed from a transparent to a light matte opaque pane with an electrical switch operation – like a light switch. Without voltage, the glass is naturally milky white. It thus provides privacy but remains translucent. When switched on, i.e. when an electrical voltage is applied, the crystals align and the glass abruptly becomes transparent – making curtains and blinds unnecessary. In addition to its first-class sound-insulating properties, PRIVA-LITE can also be combined with sound-absorbing glazing.

For more information or a more detailed consultation, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff.

1Quelle: Auszug von der Internetseite:

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