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Burglary prevention

Burglary prevention from ost

For windows and doors

Comprehensive security concepts and modern technical solutions

As the darker months set in, so does the peak season for burglars, although they keep busy all year long. The culprits take advantage of any possible opportunity to break into homes – be it during long periods of absence, whilst inhabitants are at work, or at night when all the lights are out. In addition to taking personal precautions and neighborly awareness, technical options are a preferred means for improving burglary protection.

Security features of windows from OST

  • Mechanical security fittings
  • Safety glass
  • Locking windows handles
  • Burglar-resistant roller shutters
  • Electronic features

Security features of doors from OST

  • Security locking systems
  • Security escutcheons for door cylinders
  • Additional reinforcement of hinges

With comprehensive consultation and made to measure solutions, we offer a heightened sense of security which also means a higher quality of living. Feel free to use our contact form to arrange a consultation appointment.

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An effective concept for more security in your own home

The welcome news is available on the topic of burglary prevention: police have reported that burglars are increasingly unable to break through safety features employed by homeowners. To achieve this, special attention should be paid to heightened security features when purchasing windows and doors to avoid saving money in the wrong place.

Roughly 80 % of all burglaries occur through a window or patio door. With a new building, windows with high-security specifications should be included directly during the planning stage. If a renovation is planned, it is a good idea to replace existing windows and doors with products that feature modern security features.

Windows and Doors from OST – For more security

For us, burglary protection for windows and doors is an ever-present issue. For more than 50 years, we have been manufacturing individual, bespoke windows and doors in wood as well as wood-and-aluminum.

In terms of safety as well, our family business is constantly developing. We are always looking for new solutions whilst incorporating the latest research findings into the planning and manufacturing of our products.

A fundamental advantage provided by OST products is their solid construction. Yet that alone does not suffice to protect from unwanted breaking and entering.

Mechanical security fittings and safety glass

OST recommends mechanical security fittings for windows: mushroom-shaped “i.S.” security roller cams make it extremely difficult to prise open a windows sash, which significantly increases the time necessary to break in. As many studies have shown, most thieves give up after just a few minutes if their attempt has been unsuccessful.

In addition to prising open windows, breaking a pane of glass to open the window with its handle is a method commonly used to break into a home. This makes preventive protection of the glass an important basis for security. Laminated safety glass – comprised of several glass panes and extremely tear-resistant interlayers – with features to resist thrown objects and manual attack makes it more difficult to break through the pane of glass. Locking window handles additionally reduce the risk of burglary.

Electronic features can be a useful addition to mechanical burglary protection. OST offers magnetic contact sensors – which are concealed and integrated into the windows – as opening detectors. Should a burglary attempt be made, the sensors send a signal to an alarm system or any other linked system.

Safety features of doors from OST​

Be it a front door, patio door or basement door – here too, a broad range of options are available for protecting against unwanted intruders. It starts with the proper locking system with a security profile cylinder. Further options include security escutcheons for door cylinders as well as additional reinforcement of the hinges of the front door or basement door to prevent them from being prised open.

Retrofitting with OST​

In addition to installing new products, we also offer our customers tailored solutions for retrofitting – to suit your wishes and needs whilst offering varied ranges of services. Existing windows and doors made of wood or wood-and-aluminum, as well as roller shutters, can be effectively protected against burglary.

We would be happy to advise you!

For further information about burglary prevention, please contact us with our contact form or simply give us a call. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

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