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Modern mullion-transom facades

Mullion transom facades

Made in Luxembourg

Our manual self-conception and a high-quality claim accompanied our family business already for many decades At first, high-quality windows solutions build our product focus. And with this acquired knowledge and experience, it was for us just a little as well as consequently step to produce individually planned mullion-transom-façades. As well as the OST windows and doors, the production takes place completely in our manufacture. We use only the best types of wood and process these with the latest technology, with the result that OST mullion-transom-façades are almost maintenance-free and extremely weather-resistant.

Mullion-transom facades for every project

  • Single-family houses
  • Multi-family houses
  • Public buildings
  • Office buildings
  • and many more
More light

At home

Modern architectural glazing façades in perfect handcrafted mullion-transom-construction. With walls and roofs made of glass: from the ground floor up to the eves, from the gables to the ridge of the roof – with clear gains of in terms of living quality and aesthetics. They allow an almost unlimited design for challenging construction projects and let them open up to their environment. 

Mullion-transom-façades by OST open to architecture light and space – and they do it in a highly individual way. Each of these solutions is the result of careful planning and personal living concepts. There are almost no limits of design possibilities, thanks to the use of high-performing constructions of wood and aluminum.

The formal design freedom is as varied as the applications of our mullion-transom-façades – not only for new constructions. Especially in the case of existing buildings, they increase the residential value through gaining space, form, light and view. Also an attractive possibility is to use them as a connecting element between two buildings. 

For further information about our mullion-transom-façades, please contact us.

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