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Privacy and sun blinds

Our product range includes swing and sliding shutters, raffstore blinds and roller shutters. Automatic wind and sun control can be integrated in all products.

Here too, we pay spacial attention to functionality and quality, and work together with competent specialist partners - ROMA, SOMFY and WAREMA.


for protection, comfort and cosiness.

Roller shutters can do more than just going up and down: they are intelligent, even fully automated (if required) systems which protect from summer heat, noise, unwanted glimpses from outside, break-ins and loss of heat. They also shape façades and offer effective protection from all sorts of weahter conditions.


infinitely variable control of daylight.

Would you like to control the intensity and direction of the daylight coming to your large windows? With raffstore shutters we can stop annoying glances at any time by simply tilting the slats. You can allow the optimal amount of light in, while hindering the view into your own four walls from outside.


a game of light and shadows.

Textile screens ensure that your rooms have an optimal indoor climate, without cutting off all view of the outside world. A large selection of colours provides plenty of possibilities for design. All our textile screens are produced from high-quality materials, which are fitted such that they can also withstand strong winds.