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Office building STEINMETZDEMEYER Architectes Urbanistes

  • SCI Edacor
  • wooden windows, model line HARMONIE ISOWOOD
    • opening casement with integrated electric drive which is connected on housing technology
    • wood type larch, with an Uf-value of 0,95 W/(m²k) and a PSI-Value from the edge compound of 0,037W/(m²k)
    • glass with a UG-Value of 0,6W.
  • wood-and-aluminium mullion-transom façades
    • ground floor: execution ass structure glazing facades with laminated glass panes, wood type larch, with door elements as an all-glass door with skylight and insulating glazing with enameled laminated step glazing.
    • 4th & 5th upper flor: with floor-level fixed glazing, room height opening elements, and sun protection – execution as facade awnings with rope guide
  • 38 window elements and 3 doors
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